Biden’s Press Sec. Melts Down, Blames Trump for Soaring Gas Prices & Inflation Crisis

The liberal left is at it again, folks! In a recent radio interview, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre couldn’t handle a few tough questions and had a meltdown fit for the ages. When asked about Joe Biden’s dementia, she lost her cool and called the question “incredibly offensive.” Well, excuse us for wanting to know if the leader of the free world can actually remember where he put his socks!

And let’s not forget about the sky-high prices at the grocery store and gas pump. KJP tried to spin it, blaming former President Trump and the Russian invasion of Ukraine for the inflation nightmare we’re living in. Sorry, but we’re not buying what she’s selling. Under Trump, gas prices were stable and inflation was low. Now, thanks to Biden’s reckless policies, we’re paying over $5.00 for a gallon of gas and our grocery bills are through the roof!

But the best part? After spewing out a bunch of nonsense, KJP said “Thank you” and promptly hung up on the radio host. Talk about dodging the tough questions! It’s clear that the Biden administration can’t handle the heat when their incompetence and lies are exposed. Way to go, KJP, for showing us all just how fragile and clueless the left really is!

It’s time for the American people to see through the liberal smokescreens and demand accountability from our so-called leaders. We deserve better than a president who can’t remember what day it is and a press secretary who can’t handle a simple interview. Keep shining the light of truth, patriots, and let’s make sure the Biden administration doesn’t get away with their disastrous policies and blatant incompetence!

Written by Staff Reports

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