Biden’s Promises: Big Talk, Little Walk – A Year of Unkept Vows Revealed!

President Joe Biden delivered his 2023 State of the Union address and boy, oh boy, did he make a ton of promises. Fast forward to 2024 and the Washington Examiner is taking a look at those promises to see just how well he’s kept them – or rather, how poorly he’s managed to follow through. Let’s take a gander at some of the major talking points from his speech and see if he’s been all talk and no action.


First up, let’s chat about immigration. Despite Biden’s grandiose claims about securing the border and cracking down on human smugglers, the reality is that more than 8 million immigrants have flooded into the country during his tenure. The Senate even shut down a bipartisan border and foreign aid bill, thanks in part to pressure from former President Donald Trump. And with the lack of additional funding from Congress, it seems unlikely that Biden will be able to make any significant changes to the current immigration situation.

Next on the list is social media. Biden talked a big game about reining in Big Tech and protecting kids from targeted advertising. However, these measures have yet to pass, as opponents argue that they infringe on free speech rights. It seems that Biden’s bark is far worse than his bite when it comes to holding social media companies accountable.

On to Ukraine. Biden made a big show of standing with the Ukrainian people, but Congress has not been as eager to provide the necessary aid. The flow of weapons and cash to Ukraine has dried up, and a hefty foreign aid package for the country is in limbo as House Republicans question the wisdom of continuing to send resources. Looks like Biden’s support for Ukraine isn’t as rock solid as he’d like us to believe.

The economy and inflation are another hot topic. Biden claimed that inflation was on the decline and that gas prices had dropped, but many Americans are still feeling the pinch at the grocery store and with interest rates. It seems that Biden’s rosy picture of the economy doesn’t quite match up with the reality faced by everyday Americans.

Infrastructure was another key point in Biden’s speech, with promises of American-made materials for federal projects. While some guidance has been issued to promote the use of U.S.-made goods, it remains to be seen how effective this initiative will be in the long run.

And last but not least, education. Biden touted plans to reduce student debt and increase Pell Grants, but his $90 billion plan for free community college didn’t gain any traction in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Once again, it seems like Biden’s big ideas have hit a roadblock when it comes to actual implementation.

So, there you have it. President Biden sure knows how to talk the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk, it seems like he’s stumbling along. Let’s hope he starts making good on some of those promises soon, for all our sakes!

Written by Staff Reports

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