Biden’s Racist Blunders: No Books for Black Families?!

In a recent radio interview, Joe Biden managed to stick his foot in his mouth once again, this time making ridiculously racist comments about black families. This man just can’t seem to keep his thoughts straight, which is no surprise considering his track record of saying utterly asinine things. From his ancient remarks in the 1970s about steering clear of a “racial jungle” to his more recent debacle of telling black voters they “ain’t black” if they don’t support him, Biden just keeps digging himself deeper into the pit of racism.

During a chat with a black radio host named Michelle Bryant in Milwaukee, Biden spewed out a doozy of a comment that revealed his twisted perception of black households. He blabbered about black communities facing difficulties, where families are allegedly in shambles and lack basic resources like books. Can you believe this guy thinks poor black families don’t have books in their homes? It’s like he views black households as some silent, bookless voids.

But this isn’t the first time Biden has shown off his peculiar racist lens when scanning black families and poverty. Remember when he claimed “poor kids” are just as bright as “white kids”? It’s as if he sees poor kids and white kids as distinct categories, like they’re not mutually exclusive. And let’s not forget his jazz-age advice during a debate about the legacy of slavery, suggesting that parents should crank up the record player for their kids. Seriously, a record player? Is this guy stuck in the era of poodle skirts and sock hops?

Biden’s brain was already a melted puddle in 2019, and now, five years later, it’s like a brain smoothie at this point. No wonder he’s been shedding support from the black community and watching more voters gravitate towards the greatness of Donald Trump. If Biden bothered to take a glance at his own nonsensical blather, maybe he’d understand why people are jumping ship faster than he can mumble through a speech.

But alas, I doubt Biden will ever comprehend the amount of damage he’s done with his erratic statements. And let’s not even get started on his disastrous policies that are like a wrecking ball to American families, including the very black families he claims to represent. Biden’s blunders are no laughing matter, but they sure do paint a vivid picture of a man lost in his own sea of confusion and ignorance.

Written by Staff Reports

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