Biden’s Second Term Hopes: A Flailing Fantasy

The Biden administration is unraveling faster than a ball of yarn in a room full of kittens. As President Biden gears up for re-election, he’s facing what can only be described as a never-ending parade of setbacks and scandals. Democrats are reportedly biting their nails over his outdated strategy, worried that their top man isn’t playing with a full deck anymore. A recent piece by Axios suggests that Team Biden is doubling down on voter concerns about January 6, political violence, and Trump’s character—spoiler alert: it’s a losing strategy.

Top Democrats are holding their breath, hoping Biden’s strategy of making the election about “democracy” and “political violence” will somehow resonate with voters. According to insiders, it’s unclear if the President and his core team comprehend just how dire the situation has become. It’s like watching a slow-motion car crash where the driver is blissfully unaware that the wheels have fallen off.

Mike Donilon, Biden’s long-time confidant and the mastermind behind this questionable approach, has the backing of former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain. They seem to be lingering on an island of delusion, thinking Biden’s 2020 win had everything to do with his “soul of the nation” message. Meanwhile, various polls show Biden trailing, even after a slight respite following Trump’s criminal conviction. They might want to rethink their deck if that’s their ace in the hole.

Polls indicate that inflation and the economy keep Americans up at night, not a two-year-old riot. Let’s be real: Biden’s approval ratings on these critical issues are abysmal. His inflation and economy ratings are about as uplifting as a wet blanket. Adding fuel to this dumpster fire, Biden’s support among crucial Democratic voting blocks—Blacks, Latinos, young adults, and union members—is slipping. Even his attempt to paint Republicans as “ultra MAGA” didn’t make waves in the 2022 midterms as much as he’d hoped.

Inside the Biden camp, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Internal dissent is as rampant as vegan options at a Texas BBQ. Insiders say there’s a genuine hesitance to raise concerns, fearing retribution from Biden’s circle of loyal yet increasingly delusional aides. If you’re not toeing the line, you’re out—a strategy proving about as effective as a screen door on a submarine.

While Biden’s squad remains stuck in their 2020 time capsule, many Democrats argue they’ve learned the wrong lessons from past victories. Biden barely eked out a win against Trump in 2020, and even amidst a pandemic, his victory margin was razor-thin. It was more a rejection of Trump than an embrace of Biden.

Even Biden’s long-time aide, Mike Donilon seems to be living in an alternate reality, reassuring those around him that the American people will “do the right thing” in November and vote to save democracy. However, Americans are increasingly questioning Biden’s mental and cognitive abilities. Concerns are so rampant that the White House spends half its time dismissing video evidence highlighting Biden’s apparent decline as “cheap fakes.”

Donilon thinks that, on Election Day, voters will be most concerned about January 6, much like 9/11, which shaped the 2004 election. But with Biden’s approval ratings diving faster than a lead balloon and his inability to address the real issues Americans face daily, it seems more likely they’ll remember how his administration turned the economy into a rollercoaster ride at a county fair.

Is Biden a great president deserving of re-election, as Donilon claims? The polls would beg to differ. With approval ratings scraping the bottom of the barrel and a country more concerned about inflation and safety, Biden may be in for a rude awakening. Time will tell, but if Democrats don’t pivot soon, the 2024 election might be remembered as the year they bet everything on a losing hand.

Written by Staff Reports

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