Biden’s Silence on Trump Indictment: Cunning Plot to Bury Ukrainian Bribery Scheme?

President Biden and his administration have maintained a reserved stance following the indictment of his predecessor, Donald Trump. This cautious approach is not unexpected, as President Biden and his team must handle the situation delicately to avoid any perception of interference or impropriety. While this strategy may seem prudent, it is evident that the truth is emerging, and the Biden administration has given its approval for a special investigation into both classified materials and the events of January 6.

However, there are claims that this development is politically motivated, with 55 percent of independent voters concurring with this assessment according to a Harvard Harris poll. Additionally, 56 percent of respondents believe that the Department of Justice is employing this indictment as a means of interfering in the 2024 election. It comes as no surprise that Democrats are eager to capitalize on Trump's indictment for political gain, as they hope to present a compelling narrative: vote for our candidate because the opposing candidate is facing legal consequences.

Although the 2024 election is still in its early stages, should it become apparent that Trump and Biden will face off again, Democrats aim to exploit Trump's legal troubles. Some argue that President Biden should publicly acknowledge the significance of a former president facing charges in a federal court. Others contend that it would be a strategic error not to make Trump's legal issues a central campaign topic. One senior Democrat even stated, "vote for our candidate because the other candidate is going to jail."

The current strategy of maintaining silence on the charges against Trump appears to be the appropriate course of action for Democrats. Had it not been for this indictment, the public would have likely heard about President Biden's alleged involvement in a Ukrainian bribery scheme, where he supposedly received $5 million from Burisma Holdings' co-founder. This incriminating information was conveniently released on the same day as Trump's indictment, seemingly in an attempt by the Biden administration to bury it.

Furthermore, it is difficult to dismiss the notion that Joe Biden may have exerted influence on the FBI's investigations into the Bidens, particularly regarding Hunter Biden. Similar to how his former superior held meetings to shape a strategy and establish protocols to sustain the Russian collusion investigation within the Justice Department, Joe Biden has displayed a brazen attitude in the face of reports regarding his own alleged wrongdoing.

In conclusion, it is evident that President Biden and the Democrats are engaging in a risky game. Their pursuit of political advantages at the expense of Trump is leading them into deeper territory of corruption and deceit. It is imperative for them to adopt a transparent approach and cease attempting to bury their own scandals while targeting others.

Written by Staff Reports

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