Biden’s Sneaky Tactics: McCarthy Kept in the Dark on 89% of Budget Deal

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy made a startling admission about the debt ceiling deal negotiated with Joe Biden. According to McCarthy, he had not seen a whopping 89% of the budget, which highlights just how opaque and ambiguous the deal remains to top lawmakers. It’s no wonder the Democrats are always pushing more massive spending bills if their own House leaders don’t even know what’s going on!

When Fox News’ Harris Faulkner asked why McCarthy hadn’t seen the whole budget, he explained that the president had “walled off all the others.” And even with the limited budget he had access to, the majority of the spending was already designated for mandatory programs like Medicare, leaving only 11% of the budget available for scrutiny.

Despite his lack of insight into the majority of the budget, McCarthy defended the bipartisan group’s work by claiming that they had still made significant strides. Although he didn’t know how much discretionary spending was included since the president had walled-off all others from the negotiations. Talk about sneaky tactics!

The problem is that the Speaker’s explanation only justifies a fraction of the budget. Discretionary spending makes up almost 30% of the federal budget, but it looks like McCarthy wasn’t privy to 64% of that before agreeing to the deal. Thank goodness for the Republicans fighting to keep spending at a minimum, or else who knows how much money the Democrats would be wasting without any oversight.

It’s not shocking that Democrats would want to keep their big spending bills hidden from the public. With rampant inflation and a weak economy, the last thing the American people need is a bunch of secretive politicians throwing more money at the problem without any transparency. The American people deserve better, and it’s great to see Republicans fighting to keep us informed of what the government is doing with our money.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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