Biden’s White House Caught in Trump Takedown Plot—Revealed!

It’s been revealed that the White House was coordinating with Jack Smith, the special counsel investigating the mishandling of classified information by President Trump. Before Trump was indicted, the Biden administration had meetings with a senior aide of Smith.

A report claimed that, according to White House visitor logs, Jay Bratt, who was a part of Smith's team, had a meeting with a White House official known as Caroline Saba on March 31. Also, an FBI agent known as Danielle Ray joined the group. A few weeks later, Smith's office indicted Trump.

Besides these shady characters, this isn’t the only time the White House has been caught red-handedly. In November 2021, Bratt met with Saba at Trump's White House as the president was negotiating with the National Archives over the release of his presidential records. The National Archives was demanding that Trump turn over the documents from his Mar-A Lago resort. In another meeting that year, Bratt was joined by Katherine Reily, a senior advisor in the White House.

If the meetings between the White House's chief of staff and the White House counsel's office were not clear signs of coordination and collusion, then I don't know what is. Even Rudolph Giuliani, the president's attorney, agreed with me.

According to the New York Post, Bratt stated that the Department of Justice should not be working with the White House without the approval of the highest levels. He also claims that the Biden administration has destroyed the ethics rules that are in place.

The visitor logs of the White House do not provide us with any explanation as to why these meetings were happening. However, Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, said that the Justice Department must investigate these meetings to see if they were part of the special counsel's investigation.

It's just been revealed that in June 2022, Bratt went to Mar-a-Lago and inspected the resort's storage facilities. He then conveniently reached out to Trump. A month later, he became a leading proponent of the FBI's raid on Trump's Florida estate. It's almost as if the White House was planning this whole thing.

The White House reportedly coordinated with the special counsel Jack Smith in an attempt to take down Trump. It's another example of the power-hungry Democrats working to undermine the country. Keep up the fight, and the truth will eventually come out.

Written by Staff Reports

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