Biden’s Yawn-Inducing ’60 Minutes’ Stunt Screams ‘Fatigue’!

President Joe Biden’s fitness continues to raise concerns as he appears tired and weak in his public appearances. During his recent interview on “60 Minutes,” Biden struggled to get through the segment, showing signs of fatigue. It seems like a recurring issue for the 80-year-old president.

Interviewer Scott Pelley made excuses for Biden’s mental fitness, attributing his tiredness to his lifelong stutter resurfacing when he’s fatigued. But being the President of the United States requires strength and vigor, not excuses for struggling during interviews. It’s concerning to see Biden hiding away to avoid potential gaffes, reminiscent of his basement campaign in 2020. As he seeks another term in office, he should be up for the game and engage with the public more openly.

The interview itself faced criticism for the softball questions thrown at Biden. Former President Trump pointed out that each question seemed to already contain the answer. It’s no surprise that Trump lashed out at the interview, calling it a joke and accusing CBS of protecting Biden. Trump also highlighted CBS’s failure to apologize for dismissing the claims about Hunter Biden’s “laptop from Hell,” which turned out to be true.

It’s disappointing to see a lack of tough questioning and the media’s biased approach towards Biden. As the President, he should be held accountable and face challenging questions to address the concerns of the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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