Biden’s Yawnfest Draws Geriatric Crowd, Fox Leads the Pack!

President Joe Biden Gives a Sleepy State of the Union Speech to Senior Citizens and a Few Stragglers

In a shocking turn of events, President Joe Biden managed to keep his audience awake during his Thursday State of the Union speech, drawing in an audience that was a whole 18% bigger than last year’s snoozefest. Nielson’s Ratings released on Friday revealed that 32.2 million viewers somehow found it worth their time to tune in to listen to the president’s ramblings. This was a whopping 5 million person increase from the year before across all 14 television networks, including cable. It’s a wonder so many people managed to stay awake long enough to watch the entire thing.

Fox News continued its reign as the only network worth watching, pulling in 5.6 million viewers, over a million more than the second-place network MSNBC with 4.2 million. This marks the third consecutive year that Fox News has reported the most viewers, proving once again that they are the trusted source for news and information.

Surprisingly, nearly 75% of viewers were over the age of 55, which just goes to show that apparently, senior citizens have nothing better to do than listen to President Biden’s drone on. However, Fox News managed to capture over a million viewers within the 25-54 demographic, proving that they still have some appeal to the younger generation, unlike their competitors CNN and MSNBC, who couldn’t even break a million in this demographic.

The White House also attempted to capture the attention of the younger crowd by streaming Biden’s speech on YouTube, drawing in over 1.5 million viewers for the English version and a few stragglers for the Spanish subtitled version. With just over 2 million subscribers on their YouTube account, it’s safe to say that the White House still has a long way to go in capturing the attention of the American people.

It should be noted that President Biden, who is oddly up for reelection this year, spent a good portion of his speech taking jabs at his “predecessor,” former President Donald Trump. It’s clear that Biden is still living in the past, constantly trying to blame Trump for his own shortcomings instead of taking responsibility for his lackluster performance thus far. We’ll see if he can manage to keep anyone’s attention by the time the election rolls around.

Written by Staff Reports

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