Black Trump Indictee Denied Bail: Fulton County Bias Exposed?

In a surprising turn of events, the only black defendant in the Fulton County Trump indictment, Harrison Floyd, has been denied bail. Floyd, who appeared before Judge Emily Richardson via teleconference, claimed he hadn’t been Mirandized. However, the judge quickly rectified the situation by reading him his rights. Despite this, Floyd was denied bail altogether.

The denial of bail for Floyd is concerning and raises questions about the fairness of the judicial process. It is important to note that Floyd is the only defendant behind bars in the Fulton County matter, which seems unfair given that there are 18 other defendants involved. One would assume that all defendants should have the same opportunity to post bail based on their charges. However, it appears that Floyd was singled out and treated differently.

During the preliminary hearing, Judge Richardson inquired about Floyd’s criminal history, and it was revealed that he had a prior charge of simple assault on an FBI agent. Floyd maintained that it was merely an allegation and that he didn’t have a criminal history. The judge acknowledged that it was just an allegation but proceeded to deny bail anyway, without considering other important factors such as Floyd’s likelihood to appear for future hearings or if he posed a flight risk.

This biased decision by Judge Richardson raises doubts about the integrity of the justice system in Fulton County. It seems that politics and partisanship are at play, with Floyd being unfairly targeted. The denial of his bail without proper consideration of his individual circumstances is a clear violation of his rights and entitlement to the presumption of innocence.

It is crucial that our justice system remains fair and impartial, treating all defendants equally. The actions of Judge Richardson and the overall handling of the case by Fani Willis raise concerns about the political motivations behind the indictment. The Fulton County Judiciary needs to be held accountable for their biased decision-making process and ensure that all defendants, regardless of their race or political affiliations, are treated fairly.

Written by Staff Reports

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