Bobulinski Exposes Dems’ Lies, Turley Busts Twisted Narrative!

In a recent House Oversight Committee hearing, former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski called out Hunter and Jim Biden for allegedly lying in their interviews. But he didn’t stop there – he also pointed fingers at Rep. Jamie Raskin and Rep. Dan Goldman, accusing them of not telling the truth either. It seems like the Democrats just can’t keep their stories straight these days!

And if that wasn’t enough, George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley decided to join in on the fun. Turley took issue with Raskin’s interpretation of his past testimony during the impeachment inquiry. He made it clear that he had never said there was no evidence of impeachable offenses, but rather that the inquiry was warranted to investigate potential offenses. Looks like Raskin tried to twist the truth to fit his narrative – typical Democrat move.

It’s pretty pathetic when the Democrats have to resort to distorting facts to defend their precious Biden family. Bobulinski and Jason Galanis didn’t hold back in exposing the Democrats’ lies, and Turley wasn’t afraid to call them out either. The Democrats should be focused on protecting the country, not covering up for their buddies.

Overall, it’s crystal clear that the Democrats’ defense of Biden was a total flop. Bobulinski and Turley were not having any of their dishonesty, and it’s about time someone held them accountable for their deceitful ways. Let’s hope the Democrats start prioritizing the truth over their political agendas – but I won’t hold my breath!

Written by Staff Reports

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