Boom! IDF Takes Out Over 100 Hezbollah Menaces Amid Hamas Conflict

In the midst of the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel, Hezbollah, backed by Iran, has been getting involved by engaging in skirmishes with Israeli forces near the Israel-Lebanon border. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has announced that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have successfully killed over 100 Hezbollah terrorists since the start of the conflict. The news comes as Israelis living along the northern border have been forced to evacuate due to constant rocket attacks from Hezbollah.

Gallant expressed optimism that these tactical achievements will lead to improved conditions for northern Israel, allowing residents to return safely. It is clear that Israel is not turning a blind eye to the threats along its other borders, particularly from the Hezbollah terrorist group in Lebanon. On Veterans Day, Defense Minister Gallant warned Hezbollah against making any grave mistakes and reiterated that the IDF is prepared to respond if their attacks escalate.

The tension remains high as Hezbollah continues to target northern Israel. Gallant cautioned that the group is “close to making a grave mistake” that could result in the citizens of Beirut fleeing their homes. He pointed to the situation in Gaza, where citizens have been forced to raise white flags and move to safer areas due to the IDF’s actions. Gallant warned that what is happening in Gaza could also happen in Beirut if Hezbollah persists.

These warnings from Gallant echo previous statements he made, emphasizing that the IDF is ready to respond to any aggression from Hezbollah. Despite the ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza, Israel has not taken their eyes off the threats from other terrorist groups like Hezbollah. It is evident that the IDF has the necessary firepower to address multiple fronts.

The fact that so many Hezbollah operatives have been killed by the IDF may prompt the group to rethink its plans of invading Israel. While Hezbollah has previously clashed with the IDF, it ended poorly for them and Lebanon. However, the organization’s extensive training and funding from Iran make it a significant threat. The situation remains uncertain, and it is unknown whether Hezbollah will continue its aggression or reassess its actions.

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