Border Agents Under Siege: Biden’s Policies Fuel Violence

In yet another example of the chaos and violence at the border, a recent photo shared on Facebook by the US Border Patrol Yuma Sector has brought to light the grave danger that border agents face on a daily basis. The photo depicted a border agent’s injuries after being brutally assaulted by human smugglers while trying to apprehend illegal immigrants near San Luis, Arizona. This despicable act of violence serves as a vivid reminder of the very real threats that our brave men and women in uniform encounter at the border.

It is deeply disturbing to think that these agents, who are simply trying to uphold the law and protect our nation’s borders, are being viciously attacked by criminals and cartels taking advantage of the current administration’s weak stance on border security. The reality is that the border crisis is intensifying, and as President Joe Biden and his administration turn a blind eye to the severity of the situation, the violence and lawlessness at the border only worsen.

The assault on the border agent is just one of many instances of violence directed at our dedicated law enforcement officers. According to reports, over 108 agents have been assaulted in the past three and a half months, highlighting the dangerous and volatile nature of their work. These attacks, which often go unreported, serve as a grim testament to the dire state of our southern border.

It is important to recognize that the individuals crossing the border in search of a better life are not the ones perpetrating these heinous acts. Rather, it is the human smugglers and criminals taking advantage of the open-border policies implemented by the Biden administration who are responsible for the escalating violence. By failing to secure the border, the administration has effectively allowed a brazen invasion of our country by dangerous individuals with nefarious intentions.

The consequences of this negligence are dire. Communities are under attack, valuable resources are being depleted, and our border patrol agents are facing overwhelming odds as they bravely attempt to carry out their duties. The current state of affairs is simply unsustainable and unacceptable, and it is clear that President Biden and his allies are indifferent to the harm being inflicted upon our nation.

Make no mistake, the disastrous handling of the border crisis by the Biden administration raises serious concerns about their true motives and intentions. It is a tragic reality that the safety and well-being of our country are being sacrificed in pursuit of a misguided and reckless agenda. As concerned citizens, it is crucial for us to stand against this assault on our nation’s security and demand accountability from those in power.


Written by Staff Reports

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