Border Boss Bust: Speaker Brands Mayorkas’ Policy a Dangerous Fiasco!

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) minced no words in criticizing Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas's management of the southern border, deeming it an "abject failure" and attributing it to intentional policy decisions rather than incompetence. Speaking candidly in an interview with Margaret Brennan, moderator of CBS News's Face the Nation, Johnson accused Mayorkas of deliberately making choices that have resulted in border chaos, expressing confidence that a majority of Americans share his perspective.

The House Homeland Security Committee is gearing up for its first hearing on the impeachment of Mayorkas, scheduled for January 10. Johnson and fellow Republicans have been steadfast in their claims that Mayorkas and the Biden administration have been dishonest about the state of the southern border, pointing to record-high numbers of border crossings as evidence of their failure. Johnson asserted that Mayorkas has repeatedly lied to Congress, emphasizing the objective fact that the border remains far from secure.

Johnson's critique extended beyond Mayorkas, addressing concerns raised by Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) about potential government shutdown threats. Contrary to Roy's remarks, Johnson clarified that a shutdown was not the intended goal. He also expressed a desire for border policy negotiations to result in a Senate compromise, even as House Republicans push for Mayorkas's impeachment.

House conservatives have long advocated for Mayorkas's removal, with some drafting articles of impeachment citing high crimes and misdemeanors. Frustration among conservatives is evident, with some expressing a willingness to allow a government shutdown until Democrats agree to border security and asylum reforms. As Mayorkas prepares to visit Eagle Pass, Texas, Johnson's statements reflect the increasing pressure from the conservative camp for accountability and decisive action at the border.

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