Border Patrol Blasts Biden: You Built This Border Nightmare!

The Border Patrol Union has come out swinging at President Joe Biden with a short but strong message on social media. In their letter, they made it clear that Biden is to blame for the catastrophic disaster at the border. They didn’t hold anything back, accusing Biden of creating, nurturing, and facilitating the border crisis. They didn’t mince words, telling Biden not to run from the mess he’s made like a coward.

It’s abundantly clear that the Border Patrol agents are pointing the finger directly at Biden for the chaos at the border. The blame game can’t be shifted to the previous administration any longer. The Biden administration has unleashed a flood of almost 9 million illegal immigrants into the country since taking office. Biden has effectively rolled out the welcome mat for this invasion, and he’s done everything possible to aid it. Meanwhile, hardworking Americans are left footing the bill for freebies handed out to illegal immigrants while they struggle to make ends meet.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts to stem the tide of illegal immigration in his state have forced cartels to reroute their smuggling operations into California and Arizona. Even though the influx has shifted direction, it hasn’t slowed down. The Border Patrol’s Del Rio Sector saw a drastic reduction in illegal migrants crossing the border after effective measures were implemented, but cartels are creatively finding new ways to continue their illicit activities.

The scale of the crisis is mind-boggling, with over 8.9 million illegal immigrants entering the United States under Biden’s watch. It’s a population larger than that of Arizona. Yet, the Democrats are focused on baseless lawsuits and smear campaigns against the one man who wants to halt this madness. The fact that the Border Patrol Union is calling out Biden speaks volumes about the rampant lawlessness of the current administration.

The Border Patrol agents are making it clear that they won’t stay silent in the face of this debacle. It’s a powerful declaration in the lead-up to the 2024 election, showing that they stand firm on the side of the Constitution and the American people. Their message serves as a wakeup call to anyone who may still harbor doubts about the deliberate actions of the Biden administration.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, with former U.S. national security advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn warning about the uncertainty of the 2024 election. This election is crucial for the future of America, and every single American’s participation is vital. Without support from readers like you, media platforms that fight for conservative values will struggle to survive. The fight for America’s soul is at a critical juncture, and your support can help keep the battle alive.

In conclusion, the Border Patrol Union’s stance against Biden’s handling of immigration is a crucial indicator of the deep-seated issues plaguing the country. The upcoming election will be pivotal in determining the course of America’s future, and every individual’s involvement is imperative in shaping that direction.

Written by Staff Reports

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