Boston Globe Joins Calls for Biden to Bow Out of Race

The Boston Globe stepped into a minefield of liberal panic when it urged President Biden to end his reelection bid, citing his embarrassing performance against former President Donald Trump. It’s hard enough trying to salvage a sinking ship without your own crew members jumping overboard and throwing the anchor back at you.

In the aftermath of Biden’s disastrous debate showing, his team’s coughing excuse did little to reassure a shaken nation. Apparently, the best defense they could muster was that the president had a cold, but Americans see through that tissue-thin excuse. Instead of offering concrete explanations, Biden’s camp has circled the wagons around their wounded leader, hoping nobody notices the high-pitched sirens and flashing lights of a political meltdown.

The Boston Globe is no outlier; they’ve simply joined a growing chorus of left-leaning publications in sounding the alarm. The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, the Economist, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution have all suggested it might be time for Grandpa Joe to shuffle back to his basement. The Globe’s editorial board even admitted that replacing the president would be risky and complicated—which, coming from them, is like admitting it’s a bad idea to walk through a minefield wearing clown shoes.

However, Biden has almost all the delegates to the Democratic National Convention locked up like a leaky faucet nobody can shut off. For a fresh face to grab the nomination, Biden must voluntarily release his delegates, a scenario about as likely as a snowstorm in July. Regardless of these clamorings from the left, Biden and his administration are clinging to the Titanic’s helm and insisting that everything is just fine.

The president has firmly stated he’s not going anywhere and is in the race until the last vote is counted. Heaven forbid anyone challenge this ironclad pillar of confidence, built on high hopes and held together with chewing gum. Despite the bemoaning voices from within his own party, Biden remains as determined as ever to stick it out. If they think he’s going to step aside, they’d better prepare for a long, drawn-out spectacle—because one thing’s for sure, Sleepy Joe isn’t napping on this one.

Written by Staff Reports

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