Brave Books Celebrate Gadsden Flag Defender Jaiden Rodriguez in Story Hour!

Jaiden Rodriguez, the courageous middle schooler from Colorado who courageously displayed a Gadsden flag patch on his knapsack, recently organized a story hour to encourage other children to be courageous. Rodriguez read Kevin Sorbo's new book, "The Test of Lionhood," at the Castle Rock Library in Colorado in partnership with Brave Books, a conservative children's book publisher.

Rodriguez, who garnered national attention in August for opposing his school's decision to remove him from class because of the patches on his backpack, believed that the book encouraged bravery, which prompted him to share it with others. The Vanguard School in Colorado Springs asserted that some of Rodriguez's patches had "slavery roots" and argued against the semi-automatic weapon patches. However, after removing the semi-automatic repairs, Rodriguez was permitted to return.

Trent Talbot, CEO of Brave Books, was moved by Rodriguez's bravery and commended him for taking a stand. Talbot was enthusiastic about coordinating events like the story hour, where children's imaginations are ignited and the room is filled with laughter. Moreover, Talbot was thrilled to see the next generation, represented by Rodriguez, eager to conduct similar events in the future.

Grandparents 4 Kids organized the story hour with the intention of involving more grandparents and families nationwide in nurturing a legacy of patriotism. "The Test of Lionhood," written by Kevin Sorbo, is about a lion cub named Lucas who undertakes a perilous journey to discover a cure for a fatal infection that threatens his sister. This book, along with the children's novels of Kirk Cameron, is included in Brave novels' Freedom Island Book Club.

Overall, Rodriguez's story hour highlighted the significance of courage and encouraged young minds to stand up for what they believe in. It is gratifying to observe the younger generation's resolve and desire to foster patriotism.

Written by Staff Reports

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