BREAKING: DOJ Meeting with Hunter Biden’s Legal Team

The Department of Justice is finally cracking down on President Joe Biden’s troubled son, Hunter Biden.  According to sources, Hunter Biden’s legal team met with the DOJ headquarters amid ongoing investigations into his questionable behavior. Several of Hunter Biden’s lawyers, including Chris Clark, were present, along with tax division career attorneys. The U.S. Attorney’s office in Delaware also had attorneys in attendance, however, it remains unclear whether U.S. Attorney Davis Weiss was there or not. This meeting is significant because it involved the legal team’s efforts to persuade the Justice Department prosecutors not to charge their client with several criminal charges.

Hunter Biden is facing four criminal charges, including two misdemeanor counts of failing to file taxes, a felony count of evading taxes relating to a business expense, and lying about his drug use on a gun purchase form. Of course, liberals always try to play the victim card and claim the “deep state” is out to get Hunter Biden, but the real truth is that the Department of Justice is just following the rules and investigating him for his bad behavior.

The investigation into Hunter Biden has been ongoing since 2018 and has faced a lot of setbacks, but finally, justice will be served. Democrats have tried for too long to cover up for their problematic family members, but they cannot keep the American people in the dark forever. The whistleblower’s recent allegations that the investigation into Hunter Biden was being mishandled have only brought this case into greater scrutiny, establishing further proof of the apparent corruption among the Biden family.

The Biden administration may try to distance themselves from this scandal, but the truth always comes to light, and justice will finally be served. Biden’s legal team reportedly requested the meeting without the lawyer’s attention, unaware that the optics surrounding the meeting would cause them to appear guilty. After all, when has a lawyer ever walked into a meeting with criminal investigators where their client was innocent? The answer is never. 

The Department of Justice is a pillar of justice and will not back down from investigating any possible criminal behavior regardless of their political standing. This meeting is a signal that the U.S. Attorney is set to decide whether to prosecute Hunter Biden, and it is safe to say that he will.

Written by Staff Reports

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