BREAKING: Donald J. Trump SUES Biden Regime Over FBI Raid

It is now public knowledge that Donald J. Trump will be suing the federal government.

After years of harassment at the hands of the Deep State, which culminated in a recent raid by the FBI on Donald Trump's house in South Florida, he is now fighting back.

The fact that former President Donald Trump does not shy away from conflict is one of the reasons why his style of leadership is admired by more than half the population of the United States. Following the search of his Mar-a-Lago estate, President Trump has given his legal team the green light to initiate legal action against the government.

Trump is pushing back against the unprecedented raid that took place at Mar-a-Lago by filing a complaint in which he demands the appointment of a special master to analyze any evidence that was taken from him by the FBI. This would allow the evidence to be evaluated in an independent manner.

Trump submitted the motion on Monday, asking a judge to issue an order appointing a special master and prohibiting the Justice Department from conducting anything further review of the info they had acquired from his Florida vacation property until the special master has been appointed. This request was made in the hope that the judge would grant Trump's request.

Given the insane level of partisanship that exists in the DOJ right now, this seems reasonable.

Trump also asked the judge to mandate the Department of Justice to submit a more comprehensive receipt for the estate it had acquired from him and to order federal authorities to revert back all items to him that were taken but were outside the search warrant's scope. 

Earlier on Monday, the magistrate judge who issued the warrant for the search on Donald Trump's house, Bruce Reinhart, hinted that he would permit the Justice Department to keep the FBI statement explaining the raid mostly classified. Reinhart signed the warrant for the raid on Trump's residence. On the other hand, he dismissed the Department of Justice's assertions that the "unprecedented search" ought to be kept entirely secret from the public.

The judge stated in court the previous week that he believes there are elements of the affidavit that can be unsealed, and he asked the government to present proposed redactions by Thursday. The judge also stated that he believes there are portions of the document that can be unsealed.

It is important that we don't forget that Judge Reinhart has worked for Jeffrey Epstein in the past…

The head of the Department of Justice's Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, Jay Bratt, argued in court on Thursday against unsealing the affidavit by stating that the investigation is still "in its early stages." Bratt's statement was made in reference to the fact that the investigation is still ongoing.

At the beginning of this month, the FBI is said to have seized a number of items, some of which were described as various classified/[top secret]/[sensitive highly classified information] documents, four miscellaneous top secret documents, three miscellaneous secret documents, two miscellaneous confidential documents, and one confidential document.

Several of Trump's personal goods, such as his passport, were on that list but were neatly omitted by DOJ lawyers. These items include the president's passport.

However, Trump's legal team contended that a DOJ filter team will not defend President Trump's rights. The Justice Department already has stated that it is utilizing a "filter team" or a "taint team" to analyze any privileged material and sift out evidence that is outside of the terms of the warrant.

Where on earth did they get THAT notion from? Could it be that the Department of Justice (DOJ) or any other government institution has never safeguarded Trump's constitutional rights?

On Thursday, Reinhart issued an order that caused a few documents to be published with redactions. The search warrant application cover sheet, which was initially filed on August 5 and was later ordered unsealed, gave additional information regarding the things that the Justice Department was looking for.

According to the documents, an investigation against Trump was being conducted under Section 793 of Title 18 of the United States Code, which is part of the Espionage Act. The investigation was stated to be related to willful possession of national security material.  The unsealed cover sheet referred the reader to 18 U.S.C. 2071, which explicitly addressed the "concealment or removal of government records," as well as 18 U.S.C. 1519, which specifically dealt with "obstruction of federal investigation."

In the meantime, Attorney General Merrick Garland disclosed that he personally ordered the raid on Trump's house conducted by the FBI.

It's enough to make one ponder…

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Bearded Patriot.

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