Breaking: Viral Post Caught Red-Handed Lying About Israeli Soldier’s Fate

In a classic case of misinformation circulating widely, a viral post on X, formerly known as Twitter, is claiming that an Israeli sniper named Barib Yariel was killed by Hamas. However, this claim is entirely false.

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), there is no record of anyone named Barib Yariel among their fallen soldiers in the current Israel-Hamas War. The mysterious sniper appears to be non-existent, akin to searching for the Loch Ness Monster or finding a decent cup of coffee in a gas station.

In actual news, Israel opposition leader Yair Lapid is calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amid the current turmoil. Lapid is advocating for change and is pushing for a no-confidence vote in parliament to achieve it.

Returning to the phantom sniper, the X post causing the commotion alleges that Barib Yariel was an exceptional Israeli sniper with a perfect success rate until his alleged demise at the hands of a Hamas sniper. However, there is no evidence to support this claim. There's no mention of Yariel on the IDF's official channels or credible news reports. It's akin to a fisherman telling an exaggerated tale about the one that got away.

To add to the drama, the photo of the sniper featured in the viral post is actually from a 2019 article published by an Iranian outlet. It's been plucked right out of their bag of tricks. Can we trust anything these folks say?

Let's set the record straight: there is no Israeli sniper named Barib Yariel who met his demise at the hands of Hamas. It's as real as a unicorn riding a rainbow. Our fact-checkers have reached out to the IDF for any insights they may have on this mysterious tale, and we'll keep you posted if they have anything to say. Until then, let's keep our feet firmly planted in reality.

Written by Staff Reports

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