Buttigieg’s Latest Photo Op Sparks Controversy

The Biden Administration’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has finally surfaced in Kansas City, Missouri after weeks of avoiding questions about the train derailment and toxic chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio. The local leaders of Kansas City invited Buttigieg to help unveil a shiny new airport terminal at KCI, likely in an attempt to make up for the Biden Administration’s lack of transportation policy.

However, the new and improved single terminal at KCI was not approved by President Biden or Secretary Buttigieg. In 2017, 76 percent of voters in Kansas City approved construction of the new terminal and it was prioritized by former President Donald Trump and former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao as part of a larger $1.2 billion investment in America’s air transportation system. Secretary Chao even announced in 2020 that KCI would receive a grant of more than $7.9 million for “taxiway rehabilitation”.

It is clear that President Trump and Secretary Chao are the ones to actually deserve the credit for the new airport terminal, not Buttigieg or Biden. This is yet another example of the Biden Administration trying to take credit for something they had nothing to do with. It is also a reminder of the Biden Administration’s lack of effective transportation policy.

Since taking office, the Biden Administration has failed to make any significant improvements to the U.S. transportation system. Instead, they have been focused on renaming the “Notice to Airmen” system to the “Notice to Air Missions” system, an effort that ultimately failed when the entire U.S. air transportation system crashed due to a complete outage of the FAA’s NOTAM system.

It is clear that the Biden Administration has no real plan for improving America’s transportation system and are instead trying to take credit for projects that were completed by the Trump Administration. The people of East Palestine have been asking for Buttigieg to visit for weeks and he only showed up when he had the opportunity to take credit for something he had nothing to do with. This is yet another example of the Biden Administration’s lack of leadership and their willingness to take credit for things they had nothing to do with.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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