California’s Crazy New Energy Grid Plan Will Have You Double Checking The Date!

The state of California has once again come up with a plan that leaves everyone scratching their heads. This time, it’s their attempt to stabilize their failing energy grid. It’s so ridiculous that you would mistake it for a parody.

California’s largest electric utility company, PG&E, wants to use the batteries of electric-vehicle owners to stabilize the grid during unstable periods. They want to essentially suck the energy out of these cars to prevent blackouts. But here’s the catch – they want to make this a mandatory requirement for all new electric vehicles. So now, not only are they forcing everyone into electric cars, but they’re also commandeering those cars’ batteries to solve their own energy problem.

But let’s think about this for a second. How does taking power from electric cars actually solve California’s energy shortage? It’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul. In the end, the same amount of power will still be used, depending on how much one drives their electric vehicle. And what happens when people start unplugging their cars after charging, only to find them drained of power when they need them the most? It’s a real problem that this plan fails to address.

Not to mention the cost aspect. While PG&E may refund the cost of the power they take from electric vehicles, the batteries in these cars have a limited number of cycles. This means that California’s scheme would actually end up costing electric vehicle owners thousands of dollars in battery replacement costs.

But hey, who needs to think about all of these issues when you’re trying to push green energy initiatives at all costs? California’s government and its corporate allies are just blindly pushing for these initiatives without even considering whether they are sustainable or feasible. It’s a classic example of creating a problem and then doubling down on tyrannical mandates to try to solve it. And unfortunately, it’s the people of California who will end up paying the price for their government’s incompetence.

It’s time for California to reevaluate its approach to energy and consider solutions that actually make sense, instead of constantly doubling down on failed policies. But knowing California, they will probably just keep digging themselves into a deeper hole. And the rest of us will be left shaking our heads in disbelief.

Written by Staff Reports

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