California’s Lt. Gov. Tries to Cancel Trump in Primary Power Grab!

Following the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to keep Donald Trump off the ballot, liberal elites in California are jumping on the bandwagon to silence the voice of the people. Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis, in a desperate attempt to flex her political muscles, sent a letter to Secretary of State Shirley Weber, demanding that Trump be removed from California’s presidential primary ballot in 2024. 

In her letter, Kounalakis hypocritically cited the Colorado ruling as her basis for this outrageous request, claiming it’s all about upholding the “rule of law” and protecting our democracy. But let’s be real, it’s just a sneaky scheme to restrict Californians’ choices and silence their voices.

Kounalakis went on to misguidedly assert that Trump must be 40 years old to run for president, when in reality, the Constitution clearly states the minimum age is 35. 

And get this, she’s trying to rush Weber to make a decision before the end of December 2023. It’s like watching a toddler throw a tantrum because they can’t get their way. But here’s a newsflash for Kounalakis: the Supreme Court is likely to overturn Colorado’s ruling, making her letter completely pointless.


Written by Staff Reports

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