Campus Antisemitism Skyrockets: Woke Ideology To Blame & Universities Defend It

In a recent episode of “Unmuted with Marsha,” the host, Marsha Blackburn, sat down with Morgan Ortagus, founder of Polaris National Security, to discuss the rise of antisemitism in America. They specifically focused on the alarming increase of antisemitism on college campuses, particularly after the recent attack by Hamas on Israel. Ortagus pointed out that this issue has been brewing for a while, thanks to the infiltration of pernicious woke ideologies in higher education.

It’s not just the rise of antisemitism on campuses that is concerning, but also the slow and inadequate response from university administrations. In some cases, universities have even defended pro-Hamas students. It’s shocking to realize how deep-rooted and widespread this antisemitism is in institutions of higher learning, but it’s not surprising considering the leftist and woke ideologies being promoted in these universities.

Ortagus highlighted an incident at Cooper Union where Jewish students had to barricade themselves in the library due to pro-Hamas protestors banging on the doors with antisemitic signs. This is just one example of many, as there are currently seven schools under investigation by the Department of Education for similar incidents. It’s clear that action needs to be taken to address this growing problem.

Ortagus, a national security expert and former spokesperson for the State Department, stressed the need to reevaluate federal funding for higher education. Blackburn also raised concerns about the failings of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offices (DEI) on college campuses. These offices claim to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, but often exclude conservatives and now even Jewish students, further perpetuating the problem.

As Ortagus pointed out, liberal Jews have been particularly shocked and disillusioned by the lack of support from those they thought they stood with. This issue of antisemitism on college campuses is not something parents can take lightly. Ortagus urged parents to be vigilant and involved in their children’s education, from preschool to college. It’s time to take away the power that allows these universities to perpetuate antisemitism.

Recent events have led to some positive actions, such as job offers being rescinded and letters being written condemning pro-Hamas students. Harvard alumni and hedge fund manager Bill Ackman has been outspoken in his condemnation of antisemitism. These actions may begin to make a difference, but more needs to be done to hold universities accountable.

Ortagus emphasized the importance of standing up against antisemitism and holding educators, professors, and universities accountable. Jewish students should not have to feel threatened on campus. This is why it’s crucial to call out antisemitism and also recognize Hamas as the terrorist organization that it is.

In addition to addressing antisemitism, it’s essential to acknowledge the truth about Hamas and their atrocities. Ortagus highlighted how Hamas targets women and children, engaging in rape, torture, and kidnapping. They are not freedom fighters fighting for Palestinian rights; they are terrorists who seek to destroy Israel and kill every Jew. We must not fall for the false narrative pushed by Hamas sympathizers.

Ortagus stands firm in her Jewish faith and is committed to raising her daughter in that tradition. It’s time for everyone, regardless of religious or political affiliation, to stand against antisemitism and work towards a safer and more inclusive educational environment for all students.

Written by Staff Reports

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