Campus Radicals at Columbia Ignore Law, Endanger Safety

Campus radicals and useful idiots are being called out for not being in touch with reality. Some of these Columbia University protesters supported Hamilton Hall's occupation despite breaking the law and disregarding the safety and wellbeing of others. Fox’s Lawrence Jones confronted a propaganda material seller on the street about their actions, highlighting the flawed logic of their cause.

It was revealed that maintenance workers at Columbia were held “hostage” by rioters who had taken over Hamilton Hall. When asked about this, the protester dismissed it as a “false narrative,” showing a clear disconnect from the actual events that occurred. These individuals are quick to label anything they disagree with as fake news, refusing to acknowledge the harm they cause to others.

Despite reports of Jewish students feeling unsafe on campus, the protester again denied this as a “false narrative.” The refusal to recognize the concerns and experiences of others demonstrates a lack of empathy and understanding. When questioned about a specific attack, the protester avoided the question and asked to be left alone, further illustrating their inability to engage in meaningful dialogue.

In response to these actions, conservative voices suggest cutting off utilities, expelling the protesters, and holding them accountable for their unlawful behavior. It is important to address these radical ideologies on college campuses and uphold the rule of law to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students and staff.

Written by Staff Reports

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