Cardinal Exposes “Cafeteria Catholic” Biden’s Abortion Flip-Flops

Do you get the feeling that the Catholic Church is finally waking up when it comes to Joe Biden’s pro-abortion stance? The Pope called him out for being “incoherent” about his faith and abortion, but now Cardinal Wilton Gregory is throwing his two cents in too. Gregory, the Archbishop of Washington, D.C., didn’t hold back when talking about Biden, calling him out for cherry-picking what parts of the faith he wants to follow.

It’s about time someone from the Church got real about Biden’s double standards. Sure, Gregory said Biden seems “sincere” about his faith, but I have my doubts. If Biden really cared about his faith, he wouldn’t twist the truth like a pretzel all the time. Let’s call a spade a spade – Biden is more like a “cafeteria Catholic,” picking and choosing what suits him while conveniently ignoring the rest.

Gregory hit the nail on the head by pointing out how Biden conveniently switches his stance on abortion for political gain. Remember when Biden used to be against abortion until it wasn’t politically expedient? Real classy move, Joe. It’s disappointing to see someone who claims to be a devout Catholic shuffle around his beliefs like a deck of cards depending on what benefits him the most politically.

It’s refreshing to see Cardinal Gregory standing up and not sugar-coating the truth about Biden’s shaky faith and inconsistent beliefs. Maybe, just maybe, this will make Biden think twice about playing politics with his Catholicism. But hey, I won’t hold my breath. Biden’s track record speaks for itself when it comes to prioritizing his political interests over his faith.

In a world where truth is a rare commodity, it’s good to see a Church leader like Gregory calling out the hypocrisy and deception in Biden’s actions. Keep it up, Cardinal, because someone needs to hold Biden accountable for his selective, self-serving interpretation of his faith.

Written by Staff Reports

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