Carol Roth Blasts Biden’s Plan to Tackle Soaring Grocery Costs

In a recent post shared from President Joe Biden’s official account, the administration tried to reassure Americans that they have a plan to tackle the soaring grocery costs plaguing families across the nation. The Biden-Harris team outlined steps such as partnering with state Attorneys General and encouraging grocery chains to lower prices, along with providing additional funds for groceries through programs like SNAP. However, conservative commentator Carol Roth wasted no time in pointing out the flaws in these policies, attributing them as the very reason behind the current inflation crisis.

Roth bluntly stated that the administration is deluding itself if it believes Biden or Harris can fix the economy they’ve broken. She also called out the Inflation Reduction Act, which failed to deliver on its promises, highlighting the Democrats’ inability to address economic issues effectively. Offering her own solution in a concise manner, Roth emphasized the need to reduce government spending and incentivize pro-growth policies, while suggesting that the Federal Reserve should consider cutting rates to alleviate debt pressures.

While Roth’s recommendations align with conservative and libertarian principles, there’s skepticism about whether the Biden administration will heed such advice. As the administration continues to implement interventionist policies that distort market mechanisms and contribute to inflation, it becomes imperative for voters to consider these economic missteps come election time. The call to oust officials who demonstrate a lack of understanding in managing a healthy economy serves as a stark reminder of the importance of informed decision-making at the ballot box.

Written by Staff Reports

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