Cartel Crime Spree: DHS Hunts Cartels Robbing US Retail Blind!

In a bombshell discovery, the Department of Homeland Security’s investigators are hot on the trail of Mexican, Central American, and South American cartels causing chaos for American retailers. The sensational news comes straight from Michael Krol, the top honcho at Homeland Security Investigations’s New England office.

Krol revealed to the Washington Examiner that these nefarious cartels, notorious for their underhanded dealings south of the border, are extending their tentacles to the retail crime ring in the US. 

This is organized crime at its finest (or worst, depending on which side of the law you’re on). Krol spilled the beans, saying these cartels are not just into smuggling people and illegal drugs, but now they’ve decided to dabble in the retail crime scene. They’re like the unwanted guests crashing a party they weren’t invited to, and they’re causing a whopping $112 billion in retail losses in 2022, up from $94 billion in 2021.

Now, hold onto your MAGA hats, because it’s not just Latin American criminals causing a ruckus. Nope, other shady characters from places like Romania and Chile are also getting in on the action. Krol warned that these criminal masterminds have their dirty hands in everything from money laundering to illicit trading. 

Well, it’s because this retail crime wave is hitting our beloved retailers hard, and it’s making every mom and pop shop and big-box store suffer. Even the almighty Walmart and Costco are feeling the heat, and they’re contemplating axing those self-checkout lanes. It’s like a game of retail Whack-a-Mole, but instead of moles, it’s criminal organizations popping up left and right.



Written by Staff Reports

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