CBS Axes Star Journalist, Seizes Files: Biden Coverage Backlash?

In a shocking turn of events, Catherine Herridge was given the boot from CBS in what can only be described as a bloodbath of layoffs at the network. But hold the phone, folks, because this firing wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill layoff. Oh no, it was a targeted strike on one of the finest journalists out there!

You see, Ms. Herridge was on fire with her reporting, especially digging into some stories that didn’t sit too well with the Biden brigade. She was all over the Hur Report, exposing Joe Biden’s mental slip-ups, the shady Biden family business, and even the Hunter Biden laptop saga. And boy, oh boy, did CBS not like that one bit!


But it doesn’t end there, folks. CBS didn’t just hand Catherine a pink slip and show her the door. Oh no, they went full spy mode and confiscated her files, computers, and records, including her super-secret sources. Talk about dirty politics!

Now, the plot thickens as legal eagles like Jonathan Turley squawk about the suspicious timing of Herridge’s termination. It’s got folks in Washington scratching their heads and shouting foul play! Could this be a move to silence a truth-seeker in the world of fake news? It sure smells fishy to this old-fashioned conservative!

But fear not, dear readers, because SAG-Aftra, the protectors of broadcast journalists everywhere, have ridden in on their white stallions to defend Catherine’s honor! They’re demanding CBS give back what they took and stop trampling on the First Amendment like a bull in a china shop.

Let’s hope justice prevails and Herridge gets her hands back on those precious files. But the damage might already be done, my friends. Who knows what CBS snooped out while rummaging through her things? It’s a scary world out there for journalists who dare to speak the truth!

CBS may have thought they could silence Catherine Herridge, but they underestimated the power of conservative support. The people are rallying behind her, cheering on her fearless reporting and condemning the network’s shady tactics. Keep fighting the good fight, Catherine! We’ve got your back!

Written by Staff Reports

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