Chaos in Hearing as Dem Dodges Biden Queries, Attacks Trump Instead

The House Oversight Committee had an important hearing about China, but it got chaotic when Rep. Raskin tried to bash former President Trump instead of focusing on questions about Joe Biden’s connection to China. It’s a classic liberal move to deflect attention away from their own party’s scandals by attacking conservatives.

Representative Comer stayed calm and asked Raskin tough questions about Biden’s questionable financial dealings, but Raskin kept trying to bring the conversation back to Trump. It’s a common tactic for liberals to obsess over Trump as a distraction, instead of addressing the real issues at hand.

Comer called out Raskin for his obsession with Trump and Russia, pointing out that the Democrats need to focus on the present rather than dwelling on the past. Raskin’s attempts to deflect and avoid answering questions about the Bidens’ shady dealings just show how desperate the left is to protect their own.

Despite Raskin’s attempts to derail the hearing, Comer stood his ground and demanded answers about why the Bidens received millions from foreign sources. It’s concerning that Raskin couldn’t provide a clear explanation and resorted to frantic deflections. The Democrats’ loyalty to Biden, despite mounting evidence of questionable actions, is alarming.

In the end, Raskin’s outbursts and inability to address the serious concerns raised about Biden’s financial dealings only served to highlight the lengths to which some liberals will go to protect their own. It’s a stark reminder of the partisan divide in politics and the need for accountability and transparency, especially when it comes to potential conflicts of interest at the highest levels of government.

Written by Staff Reports

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