Chase Bank Shuts Door on Doctor Skeptical of COVID Policies!

Due to Dr. Joseph Mercola's criticism of the COVID-19 vaccine, JPMorgan Chase, the biggest bank in the U.S., decided to take his accounts offline. The accounts of his various businesses, including Mercola Market, will be closed next month.

According to a report by the Epoch Times, the accounts of Dr. Mercola were suddenly closed due to what it referred to as "unexpected activity." The company's CEO, Steven Rye, as well as his wife Amalia Legaspi and other family members were also reportedly affected by the move. It's possible that Chase is trying to take down the entire organization.

Chase's Anthony Anesi was questioned about the accounts being closed, and he would not provide a clear explanation as to why. He claimed that he was not given a reason as to why these accounts were being closed due to legal issues, and he attempted to keep them open by requesting copies of the notices, but he also admitted that they had no guarantee of keeping them open.

According to Steven Rye, CEO of Mercola, he was surprised by Chase's decision to close its accounts, as the COVID situation had calmed down. He noted that there was nothing wrong with the accounts. However, he doesn't know why they were given the boot.

In response to the situation, Democratic presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy Jr. criticized Chase for its decision to close his accounts. He stated that the company should not be discriminating against people who speak out for their rights.

No one knows why Chase has decided to close the accounts of Mercola and his associates. This action is a clear attempt to suppress free speech, and it is shameful for the bank.

Written by Staff Reports

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