Chiefs Kicker Butker Condemns Biden, Pro-Choice Catholics at College Speech

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker recently gave a speech at Benedictine College where he expressed strong views against President Joe Biden and pro-choice Catholics. Butker criticized what he referred to as “bad policies and poor leadership” that have impacted issues such as abortion, IVF, surrogacy, euthanasia, and what he called “degenerate cultural values in media.” Butker specifically called out President Biden for his stance on abortion, suggesting that being pro-choice and Catholic are contradictory.

In his speech, Butker also targeted the broader Catholic community, criticizing those who support what he views as harmful ideologies and policies. He emphasized the importance of speaking up about challenging issues, even if they are uncomfortable for some to address. Butker stressed the need to move beyond appearing “nice” and instead focus on speaking out with strength and conviction.

Butker’s speech highlights the importance of standing firm in one’s beliefs, even in the face of societal pressures. His criticism of President Biden and pro-choice Catholics aligns with conservative values that prioritize the sanctity of life and traditional moral principles. By speaking out on these controversial topics, Butker demonstrates a commitment to his Catholic faith and the values he holds dear.

Butker’s platform as a professional athlete has given him a unique opportunity to share his views on important issues. Despite not seeking out this platform, he has embraced it as a means to communicate what he believes to be essential truths. By using his influence to advocate for strong father figures and denounce violence, Butker sets an example for others to follow.

In addition to his verbal statements, Butker also made a visual statement during a White House visit by wearing a tie with a pro-life message in Latin. The message, “Vulnerari Praesidio,” translates to “Protect the Most Vulnerable,” further reinforcing his stance on the importance of defending life at all stages. This act of silent protest underscores Butker’s commitment to advocating for the protection of the unborn.

Butker’s public statements and actions serve as a reminder of the importance of upholding traditional values and speaking out against what is perceived as harmful policies and ideologies. By using his platform to address these contentious issues, Butker exemplifies the courage and conviction needed to stand up for conservative beliefs in today’s society.

Written by Staff Reports

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