Christie’s Pharma Hypocrisy Exposed: Lobbying for Those He Attacks

Former New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie, known for his attacks on former President Donald Trump, seems to have conveniently forgotten about his own shady past. Christie has been pointing fingers at pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) for their alleged price gouging, but when it comes to his own ties to the pharmaceutical industry, he suddenly goes quiet. Typical politician move, isn’t it?

In an article written by the brilliant Sean Moran over at Breitbart, it’s revealed that Christie had criticized PBMs for taking a chunk of the rebates meant for customers, calling them “a real evil agent.” He claimed that the pharmaceutical industry offers massive discounts on drugs, but the savings rarely reach the consumers. Sound familiar? It’s the classic “big bad middleman” narrative that politicians love to use to distract from their own dirty deeds.

But what Moran uncovered is truly shocking. The very same Christie who bashes PBMs has been making money by lobbying for the pharmaceutical industry through his firm Christie 55 Solutions. Talk about hypocrisy! And let’s not forget that he also joined the advisory board of Cytogel Pharma, a company that manufactures a non-opioid painkiller called Exparel. Looks like Christie has some deep ties to the very industry he claims to be fighting against.

It’s no surprise that Christie conveniently forgets about his own involvement with the pharmaceutical industry. After all, politicians like him always have a way of twisting the truth to fit their narrative. They speak out against others while conveniently ignoring their own questionable actions. But we, the people, are not fooled by their deceitful tactics.

Christie’s former chief of staff, Rich Bagger, also had ties to the pharmaceutical industry before joining the governor’s team. It seems like Christie surrounded himself with people who know how to play the game and profit from it. Can we really trust a politician like Christie, who is so deeply intertwined with an industry he claims to be fighting against?

It’s high time for some honesty and transparency in politics. We need leaders who will prioritize the needs of the people over their own personal gain. And as voters, we must not fall for the theatrics and empty promises of politicians like Chris Christie. Let’s demand accountability and real solutions, not just finger-pointing and hypocrisy. Our country deserves better.

Written by Staff Reports

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