Climate Chief Exposes Plot: Forcing Citizens Into Green Agenda?

UN Climate Chief Reveals the Truth: Citizens Must be Coerced into Green Agenda

In a recent interview, Professor Jim Skea, the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), exposed the dirty secret behind the climate change movement. He admitted that the worldwide green agenda and the shift away from fossil fuels must be pushed by world leaders onto their citizens, making them the “ringmasters” of this global circus. It’s clear that climate change is less about saving the planet and more about controlling people’s lives.

Skea emphasized the need for a “society-wide” effort to combat climate change, with political leaders playing a crucial role in setting the tone and coordinating actions. He urged citizens to keep voting as a key way to address the issue, even suggesting that radical groups and extremists who push for more drastic climate measures shouldn’t be dismissed because they keep the issue of fossil fuels on the agenda. This reveals the manipulative tactics of climate change alarmists, who are willing to use fear and coercion to advance their agenda.

Despite acknowledging the radical nature of some climate demands, Skea doesn’t shy away from promoting extreme measures himself. He advocates for leaving 50% of oil reserves underground and switching from gas-powered vehicles to electric, even though this move has proven to be an economic disaster. Ford Motor Company recently reported massive losses in its electric vehicle division, and Proterra, a Biden-backed electric bus producer, filed for bankruptcy. It seems that Skea and other climate change enthusiasts are willing to sacrifice economic prosperity for their misguided cause.

While Skea believes that world leaders are the ringmasters of this climate change circus, what happens if they refuse to play along? President Biden, for instance, acknowledges that countries like Russia and China are “very, very difficult partners” when it comes to climate change. This raises concerns about the effectiveness of global climate policies if major players aren’t on board.

As patriotic Americans, we shouldn’t be swayed by the fearmongering of climate alarmists. We value our gas-powered cars and gas stoves, and we will continue to vote accordingly. Climate change should be addressed through innovation and market-driven solutions, not through government coercion and global mandates. Let’s focus on real issues that affect our lives and not get caught up in this worldwide circus of climate change.

Written by Staff Reports

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