Clyburn Blames Media for Biden’s Decline Among Black Voters

Democratic Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina took a swing at the media on Wednesday, blaming them for what he perceives as President Joe Biden’s slipping support among black voters. According to a May poll from The New York Times, Biden garnered 70% of black voter support, a significant drop from the 87% he received in the 2020 election. Clyburn suggested that the media’s failure to accurately report on Biden’s actions is causing this decline in approval.

Clyburn emphasized the importance of judging politicians by their deeds, not just their words. He criticized Biden for allegedly not delivering enough for African Americans, particularly in comparison to former President Trump. While Clyburn touted Biden’s Affordable Care Act, he failed to acknowledge Trump’s criminal justice reform efforts, such as signing the First Step Act and supporting historically black colleges and universities.

Former NAACP President Cornell William Brooks chimed in on CNN, asserting that despite Biden’s struggles with black voters, the majority still stand behind him. This loyalty appears to be wavering, according to Clyburn, who believes misinformation and media distortions are clouding voters’ judgment.

Clyburn’s comments reflect a growing concern among Democrats that Biden’s support among black voters may be slipping. The blame game between Clyburn and the media showcases the Democrats’ struggle to maintain their voter base, especially as Trump’s past actions resonate with some minority communities. Regardless of efforts to downplay the situation, it’s evident that Biden’s appeal is facing challenges within key demographic groups.

Written by Staff Reports

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