CNN Bias Exposed Again Ahead of Presidential Debate

Just like clockwork, CNN has proven once again that their anti-Trump bias is alive and well — just in time for the upcoming presidential debate. With mere days to go, the left-leaning network couldn’t resist taking a cheap shot at former President Trump during a segment hosted by Kasie Hunt, who welcomed Trump spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt. Well, “welcomed” might be a bit generous considering Hunt’s behavior.

Weeks of chatter about the blatantly biased debate moderators, Dana Bash and Jake Tapper, had already set the stage for what many predicted to be a hostile ambush. This is CNN, after all. The network’s tumultuous relationship with Trump is old news, from Jim Acosta’s infamous wrestling match over a microphone to the melodramatic coverage of Trump’s every move. But when Leavitt dared to mention the elephant in the room — CNN’s undeniable bias — Hunt literally cut her off and silenced her mid-sentence. Real mature, Kasie.

Leavitt had been making a straightforward point that Trump is ready for the debate despite being in hostile territory, knowing full well that Bash and Tapper have a history of slamming him. But Hunt, typical of CNN anchors, couldn’t handle the heat and yanked the plug faster than you could say “fake news.” The backlash was swift, with critics, including some of Rand Paul’s family, pointing out Hunt’s obvious liberal bias and her twisted sense of journalistic integrity.

In this circus, Hunt wins the prize for the most egregious display of media bias for the week. Her actions further proved what conservatives have been saying all along: the upcoming debate might as well be a witch trial. Anyone who still thinks CNN is capable of unbiased journalism probably also believes in unicorns and fairy tales.

The so-called “discussion” didn’t stop there. Despite being muted on-air, Leavitt and Hunt continued to exchange jabs on social media. Leavitt called out Hunt for censoring her comments about the debate moderators’ history of Trump bashing. Hunt, of course, maintained her sanctimonious stance of defending her colleagues. If this is a preview of what’s to come, expect Biden to get softball questions while Trump faces gotcha moments.

So here’s the takeaway: Thursday’s debate is now essentially a three-on-one scenario, with Trump going up against Biden, Bash, and Tapper. Yet, Trump is undeterred and prepared to bring his message of strength, safety, and prosperity to the American people, even if he has to wade through CNN’s swamps of bias. Kunstler might quip, this kind of media hypocrisy writes itself!

Written by Staff Reports

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