CNN Debate Drama Trump Mic Risks and Biden Bias

CNN is setting the stage for a showdown between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, but they’re not doing it on a level playing field. By cutting off independent media from covering the debate and outlining strict rules like muting microphones, CNN is clearly trying to control the narrative in favor of Biden. This move has sparked outrage among independent commentators like Saagar Enjeti and Krystal Ball, who rightly question CNN’s motives.

The mic muting rule, in particular, has raised eyebrows. With Trump’s larger-than-life personality, it’s no surprise that many wonder if he will push the boundaries and try to speak when muted. This could lead to chaotic moments on stage, especially considering Biden’s own struggles with coherence. It’s a situation ripe for speculation and maybe a drinking game or two.

But it’s not just the mic muting causing a stir. CNN’s decision to prevent independent media from providing live commentary during the debate is a clear attempt to stifle differing viewpoints. This heavy-handed approach only underscores the network’s bias and fear of losing control over the narrative. It’s a move that is already backfiring, with commentators like Louder with Crowder and Tim Pool likely to defy CNN’s restrictions.

As the debate approaches, all eyes are on CNN’s moderators, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. Their track record of bias against Trump raises concerns about how fair they will be in their handling of the event. With the potential for fireworks on stage and behind the scenes, this debate promises to be an entertaining spectacle. Whether substantive issues like the economy or border security will actually be discussed remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure – CNN’s attempt to manipulate the debate may just come back to bite them.

Written by Staff Reports

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