CNN Panic: Milei’s Win Triggers Liberal Meltdown, Exposes Media Bias!

CNN host Abby Phillip was clearly losing her cool as she reported on the election of Javier Milei in Argentina. It seems that anytime a conservative, populist candidate is successful, the liberal media goes into full meltdown mode. Phillip wasted no time in labeling Milei as a “far-right populist,” trying to paint him as some sort of villain.

In her segment, Phillip attempted to link Milei to former President Donald Trump, claiming they both share the same anger. But let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be angry when the liberal elites in their country believe they are gods and look down upon the average population? Milei is just speaking the truth.

Of course, Phillip conveniently left out any mention of Milei’s pro-LGBT rights stance, his support for legalized drug use and prostitution, and his anti-abortion views. She offered absolutely no nuance or balance in her reporting, as is typical in the mainstream media these days.

Phillip also tried to lump Milei in with other so-called “far right” politicians like Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and Viktor Orbán in Hungary. But the truth is, these leaders may have different policies and approaches, and lumping them together to create some global “far-right populist” phenomenon is just a desperate attempt to demonize conservatives.

It’s not surprising that the mainstream media, like CNN, is quick to bash any conservative, populist movement. They still haven’t gotten over the fact that President Trump was able to tap into the frustrations and concerns of everyday Americans and win the presidency in 2016. They continue to peddle the narrative that Trump’s populism is dangerous, claiming that it will lead to the imprisonment or execution of political enemies and an end to prosecutorial independence.

But let’s face it, President Trump successfully exposed the weaponization of the Justice Department under President Joe Biden. People are tired of seeing their tax dollars being used to go after political opponents. And it’s not just Republicans who feel this way. Independent and Black voters supported Trump in numbers not seen since the Civil Rights Act.

The mainstream media can continue to push their biased narrative, but the American people aren’t buying it. They see through the lies and understand that the charges against President Trump are nothing more than politically motivated attacks.

So, Abby Phillip and CNN can continue their meltdown over conservative, populist victories around the world, but they’re only further alienating themselves from the American people. It’s time for them to start reporting the facts, rather than pushing their own agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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