College Democrats Endorse Pro-Palestinian Takeover at Top Universities

The College Democrats of America are all abuzz as they praise the pro-Palestinian protesters who took over a building at Columbia University. Those young Dems sure know how to stir the pot! They even set up camp at various prestigious universities, including Harvard and Yale. Looks like they’re majoring in Protesting 101!

The Student Democrat crew declared their undying support for these protestors, calling them heroes for their “bravery.” They believe that protesting peacefully is as American as apple pie and baseball. These folks really love their rights to speak out, even if it means smashing some glass doors and causing a ruckus. 


The protesters at Columbia University didn’t hold back, taking over Hamilton Hall in the wee hours of the morning. They were caught on camera breaking things, erecting barricades, and waving their pro-Palestinian banners proudly. Sounds like a wild party, but without the fun music and pizza!

After the chaos settled, Columbia University put its foot down, limiting access to the campus and threatening to kick out the occupiers. The College Democrats were quick to pat these rebellious students on the back, hailing them as courageous warriors fighting for Palestinian rights. They even threw a little shade at President Joe Biden, accusing him of being too cozy with Israel’s leader.

Despite supporting peace protests, the Dems made sure to condemn any calls for violence against Jewish and Muslim students. It’s a good thing they said something about that, but they conveniently skipped addressing the chaos caused by the protesters at Columbia University. Let’s hope they clean up after themselves!

Written by Staff Reports

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