Comedian Dumps the Left on Joe Rogan Show, Shares Unbelievable Reason!

In a surprising twist, popular stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster Bobby Lee revealed that he now identifies as a moderate, a far cry from his previous reputation as a liberal-leaning entertainer. During an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Lee opened up about his shifting political views.


During the show, Rogan, himself a former left-leaning individual, criticized the current state of California, where both he and Lee hail from. Rogan claimed that the state had gone “full communist” and specifically called out its approach to law enforcement as “insane.” Lee agreed with Rogan’s sentiment, particularly condemning San Francisco, a city that he believed had been ruined by misguided policies.

Rogan went on to express his frustration with the left’s lack of willingness to confront the issues plaguing California and suggested that strong leadership, similar to that of Rudy Giuliani, was needed to bring the state back on track. However, he noted that the prevailing attitude in California was one of peace, love, and “wearing a mask.”

As Lee listened to Rogan’s observations, he quietly admitted that he now considers himself to be in the political center, much to his own surprise. He explained that his change in attitude had transpired over the past year and was a result of the intolerant behavior he witnessed from fellow liberals. He likened the current political climate to a cult, where dissenting opinions are met with attacks reminiscent of religious persecution.

Rogan concurred, stating that members of the left react to opposing viewpoints much like a cult would to challenges against its beliefs. He cited the example of accepting self-proclaimed transgender individuals in women’s public bathrooms and argued that there were valid concerns regarding the exploitation of such leniency by malicious individuals.

Lee, frustrated by the left’s intolerance, expressed his indifference towards issues related to gender identity, emphasizing that people should be able to do as they please without fear of persecution. However, he admitted that the ideological rigidity of the left had driven him away from that end of the political spectrum.

Overall, Rogan and Lee’s discussion shed light on the increasingly polarized nature of American politics, with the left’s unwavering commitment to its dogmas and the right’s willingness to tolerate diverse opinions becoming a significant point of contention.

Written by Staff Reports

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