Congress CAVES To J6 Committee With New Electoral Count Bill

Only one member of the Senate and House is required to object to the slate of electors or electors.

On January 6, many members of the House of Representatives held a meeting to discuss ways to challenge the results of the election.

Over 150 House members from the Republican party protested the results of the November election.

Next week, the spending bill for the government will be sent to Congress. It contains a provision that aims to change how members of Congress can challenge the results of an election. The Washington Post reported that the bill was developed following the January 6 riots in the nation's capital.

In response, Senator Susan Collins and Senator Joe Manchin introduced a bill that would require a majority of both the House and Senate to prevent the certification of the election results.
The bill introduced by Liz Cheney and Zoe Lofgren would increase the number of members who would have to be present in the House and Senate to prevent the certification of the election results.

The bill would require that the certification of the election be conducted in a strictly ceremonial manner.

The bill is supported by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer.

In September, Collins and Manchin released a statement to explain how their bill had been supported by various groups. They noted that they were still working on increasing the number of groups and experts who support the legislation.

Schumer confirmed last week that the bill would be part of the government's spending bill. He said both parties support the legislation.

Last week, Collins stated that she was still positive about the bill's chances of being included in the spending bill.

On Monday, Collins praised the bill and noted that it would be included in the spending bill. She said that it would help ensure that the presidential election results were properly certified.
An unrelated bill, the Electoral Reform Act, was included in the spending bill as an amendment. Its release was delayed due to the political differences between Republicans and Democrats.

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