Conservative Journalist Tells DeSantis: Stop Being a P*ssy, Stand Up to Trump!

In a shocking turn of events, the esteemed conservative journalist Ryan Girdusky revealed his encounter with Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his campaign’s reluctance to take a firm stance against attacks from former President Donald Trump. Girdusky, who was invited to a conservative influencer event in 2023, expressed his frustration with the campaign’s structure and took the opportunity to offer some much-needed advice to DeSantis.

Girdusky boldly told DeSantis that it was high time he started attacking Trump. The journalist’s intention was to remind DeSantis that ignoring Trump’s relentless attacks was not a sign of honor but rather a display of weakness. In his own words, Girdusky humorously emphasized that repeating this behavior made DeSantis look like a “p*ssy.” While the room erupted in laughter, Girdusky’s message carried a significant truth that resonated with many conservatives.

It was evident that Girdusky’s candid advice struck a nerve in the campaign, as he later detailed an outburst during a call with other influencers. The journalist voiced his concerns about the campaign’s direction and criticized the advance team, messaging strategy, and DeSantis’ attempt to portray himself as an Evangelical, despite not being one. Girdusky’s impassioned plea for improvement showcased his dedication to the Republican cause and his genuine desire to see DeSantis succeed.

Unfortunately, DeSantis faced an uphill battle in the Iowa caucus polls, falling behind both Trump and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley. However, he managed to secure second place, distancing himself from Haley by a solid margin. While Trump emerged victorious, DeSantis’ tenacity in the race demonstrated his unwavering commitment to conservative principles.

The media’s premature declaration of Trump’s victory drew criticism from the DeSantis campaign, rightly accusing them of election interference. Andrew Romeo, a spokesperson for the campaign, expressed outrage at the media’s blatant bias. This incident exemplified how the mainstream media consistently favors Trump and undermines the integrity of the democratic process. It is crucial to expose these instances of media malpractice and hold them accountable for their biased reporting.

Overall, Ryan Girdusky’s encounter with the DeSantis campaign sheds light on the importance of Republican candidates standing up to baseless attacks, even if they come from prominent figures within the party. DeSantis has been presented with an opportunity to demonstrate strength, resilience, and independence in the face of adversity. It is imperative for conservatives to rally behind leaders who have the courage to challenge the status quo and advance conservative ideals.

Written by Staff Reports

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