Conservative Judges Fight Back Against “Woke” Intolerance, Boycott Elite Law School

In yet another display of “woke” intolerance, conservative federal appeals court judges, James Ho and Elizabeth Branch, announced that they will no longer be hiring clerks from Stanford Law School. Their decision follows a student protest against a conservative judge last month, during which hecklers shouted vile remarks, including “we hope your daughters get raped.” Conservative voices are effectively being silenced in institutions like Stanford, where intellectual diversity is non-existent.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the school did not discipline the students who took part in the protest, although they violated the school’s free speech policy. In his speech to the Texas Review of Law and Politics, Ho called the protest an act of “intellectual terrorism” and argued that students who practice intolerance don’t belong in the legal profession. He said, “rules aren’t rules without consequences.”

The judges’ decision to boycott Stanford Law School follows a similar action taken against Yale last year. Ho has commented that law students are mistreating anyone they disagree with, and the tactics and lessons they learn are wrong. This bigotry is something that will remain with them as they enter the workforce, spreading harmful ideologies throughout the country.

It is no coincidence that the worst free speech incidents have occurred at elite law schools that do not have a single center-right professor. It is imperative that students’ minds are opened to different perspectives, and that a diversity of intellectual voices is welcomed onto campus. Ho has made it clear that political diversity among faculty and administration is the key to ensuring that everyone’s views are protected, and that discriminatory attitudes and intolerance are eradicated.

Conservative voices are being silenced on university campuses, and in order to fight back, boycotts against schools like Stanford and Yale are necessary. It is time to take a stand against ideological uniformity and rampantly discriminatory attitudes in our country’s institutions of higher learning.

Written by Staff Reports

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