Cruz Blasts TikTok for Spy Games and Hamas Propaganda!

In a fiery accusation, Senator Ted Cruz from the great state of Texas slammed TikTok for allegedly promoting pro-Hamas propaganda. That’s right, folks! The House of Representatives just gave a nod to a bill that might just force the Chinese-owned TikTok to sell their app. The Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act is making big waves, passing with flying colors in a 352-65 vote, with one member deciding to just stay out of it.

Cruz isn’t holding back when he claims that TikTok, under the wings of ByteDance, is nothing but a spy tool for the Chinese Communist Party – the CCP! That’s right, TikTok might just be keeping an eye on your every move, from what you say to where you go, all with the push of a button from China. Yikes! And let’s not forget the alleged propaganda game TikTok is playing, with Cruz pointing fingers at them for siding with Hamas in the ongoing Israel conflict.

The conservative firebrand Cruz isn’t mincing his words, folks. He’s out here calling out TikTok for potentially brainwashing our youth with harmful content. Imagine kids scrolling through TikTok and stumbling upon Osama bin Laden’s justifications for 9/11. That’s just not right! Cruz ain’t having any of it, pointing fingers at China for designing this devious plan to manipulate young minds in America.

It’s about time someone stood up to these shady tactics, and Cruz is leading the charge like a true American hero. It’s clear as day that TikTok might be playing a dangerous game under the CCP’s watchful eye. Let’s hope the House’s actions will put a stop to this madness and protect our great nation from foreign adversaries trying to infiltrate our social media feeds. Ted Cruz for the win!

Written by Staff Reports

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