Cuomo Urges NY Voters to Reject Bowman Over Anti-Israel Stance

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who spectacularly flamed out of office amid a sexual harassment scandal, has now taken to social media to urge voters against the embattled Rep. Jamaal Bowman. Cuomo, who knows a thing or two about controversy, recalled Bowman’s infamous fire alarm stunt from a year ago, essentially telling him to sound the alarm once more because his political career is about to go up in smoke.

Bowman’s political woes couldn’t have come at a worse time for the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. He’s currently struggling in what is shaping up to be the toughest primary among the progressive darlings known as “The Squad.” Trailing by double digits in polls, Bowman’s tumble can be traced back to his controversial stance against Israel during the Gaza conflict, a position that’s put him on the wrong side of powerful political forces.

In a post on X, Cuomo didn’t mince words, urging primary voters to bury Bowman over his anti-Israel antics. The former governor made it clear that New York won’t tolerate anti-Semitism in any form and slammed Bowman for his lack of progressivism, ironically implying that progress involves towing the line with Israel. 


The saga of Bowman’s botched fire alarm incident still haunts him. Remember, this is the man who caused an evacuation of Congress just as lawmakers were voting on government funding. His excuse? He claimed he mistook the fire alarm for a door lever. Honest mistake or willful chaos? Either way, it’s a blunder that won’t be forgotten by primary voters or his political adversaries.

Adding fuel to the fire alarm fiasco, United Democracy Project, the super PAC arm of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, has delved deep into its pockets, pouring $15 million into the race against Bowman. Setting the stage for the most expensive House race in history, with total spending reaching a whopping $25 million, AIPAC is hell-bent on making Bowman pay for his antagonistic views on Israel.

Even high-profile leftist stars like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders can’t seem to save Bowman from the political inferno. Despite their rallying cries, the polls remain bleak for Bowman. Meanwhile, Westchester County Executive George Latimer looks poised to trounce him on election day, sealing Bowman’s fate as a one-term wonder.

Written by Staff Reports

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