Deadspin Slams Native Fan, Gets Roasted Online

Deadspin, oh Deadspin, what a pathetic excuse for a sports site you are. First, they attack a young Kansas City Chiefs fan for wearing black and red face paint, accusing him of being racist. But wait, it gets even better. They actually had the audacity to claim that it was offensive to Mexicans too. Seriously? Can they stoop any lower?

But hold on a minute, folks, because here’s the plot twist. This young fan happens to be part of the Chumash tribe of California. That’s right, he’s Native American. So, not only did Deadspin falsely label him as racist, but they also accused him of cultural appropriation. Well, guess what? The Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians, the tribe the fan is affiliated with, released a statement condemning Deadspin’s claims.

But does Deadspin care? Nope, not at all. They continue to push their false narrative, pretending to be offended on behalf of other people who aren’t even offended. It’s like they’re living in a parallel universe where the truth doesn’t matter.

The best part of this whole ridiculous situation is that while Deadspin is trying to bury the story, people are dragging them through the mud on social media. Barstool Sports, always on point, has been calling out Deadspin’s hypocrisy and sharing the hilarious responses from people who are fed up with their nonsense.

It’s clear that the vast majority of Americans are united on this issue. We won’t stand for a media outlet attacking a child for simply supporting his favorite team and embracing his cultural heritage. Deadspin can’t hide from the backlash they’re receiving, no matter how hard they try.

The sad reality is that Deadspin has lost all credibility. They no longer have any kind of support, and everyone sees through their attempts to create outrage where none exists. This story was a non-issue from the beginning, and it’s time for Deadspin to admit defeat and move on.

So, here’s a message to Deadspin: stop playing the victim, stop trying to stir up controversy, and start reporting on actual sports news. Maybe then, just maybe, people might start taking you seriously again. But until then, you’ll continue to be the laughingstock of the sports media world.

Written by Staff Reports

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