Democrat AG’s Woke Blunder Unveils Foolishness in Begging Rashida Tlaib

Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General, Dana Nessel, unintentionally exposes the dangerous consequences of coddling woke ideology in her plea to Rashida Tlaib. Tlaib recently released a video where she not only accused President Joe Biden of supporting the genocide of the Palestinian people, but also referenced the anti-Semitic chant “from the river to the sea.” Despite Nessel’s past defense of Tlaib’s indefensible statements, she now pleads with her to retract her hurtful and hateful remark.

It’s clear that Nessel, along with other Democrats, are only speaking out against Tlaib’s actions because they fear the backlash from their constituents. They were perfectly willing to turn a blind eye to Tlaib’s antisemitism in an effort to appear woke. They labeled any criticism of Tlaib as racism, sexism, and bigotry, but now they expect us to believe that they are Israel’s greatest allies in government.


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Nessel’s and Tlaib’s previous actions and statements were readily available for all to see, yet Democrats chose to ignore them. It’s only when the heat intensified that they decided to speak up. But it’s too little, too late. We can’t allow these politicians to be further emboldened and wreak havoc in office. We must hold them accountable now before it becomes even harder to remove them later.

The fact that Democrats are still so hesitant to condemn Tlaib’s blatant hate speech proves that they have learned nothing. They are unable to take a firm stance, instead opting for feeble requests for her to take back her statements. It’s clear that pro-Israel Democrats will continue to ignore this issue, which is something voters need to seriously consider leading up to the 2024 elections. We can’t afford to have politicians who prioritize woke ideology over the safety of American allies.

Written by Staff Reports

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