Democrat Trans Extremist Busted by FBI Before Massacre

In a shocking and disturbing saga, a wannabe transgender mass shooter was arrested by the FBI. The culprit, Elizabeth Ballesteros West, previously known as Francisco Frank Paramo, had been on the radar of law enforcement for years due to his aberrant and violent behavior. It’s clear that this individual’s dangerous intentions were not a sudden development.

The media, as usual, is playing their favorite game of “guess that party,” conveniently omitting party affiliation when it involves a Democrat. The biased reporting strikes again, with the media’s reluctance to cover this story. It’s no surprise that they’re quick to bury anything that doesn’t fit their liberal agenda.

Aside from his transphobic motives, West’s ties to neo-Nazi ideology are deeply troubling. This individual embraced racist and hate-filled sentiments, proudly displaying Nazi flags and expressing repugnant views on social media. It’s alarming that such extremism was allowed to fester without serious intervention.

The FBI’s discovery of West’s plans for a mass shooting is chilling. The suspect had explicitly threatened to carry out a heinous attack on his coworkers, citing their alleged transphobia as justification for his twisted intentions. His disturbing post on a “transwoman” support group on Facebook revealed a deeply troubled individual, teetering on the edge of violence. The FBI’s thorough investigation uncovered a trail of disturbing behavior and concerning online activity, pointing to severe mental illness as a significant factor.

This case is yet another example of the media’s refusal to report on stories that don’t fit their narrative. The Left’s selective focus on mass shooters who fit their preferred profile ignores the broader issue of mental health and the dangerous consequences of overlooking potential threats. As the establishment media continues to protect their liberal narratives, they do a disservice to the public and prevent a more comprehensive understanding of the complex factors at play in cases of mass violence.

Written by Staff Reports

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