Democrats Flee Biden Administration Amid Plummeting Approval Ratings

The Democrats are feeling the heat as they scramble to distance themselves from the sinking ship known as the Biden administration. Swing-state Democrats are hitting the panic button and bailing on Biden, fearing that his plummeting popularity will drag them down with him come election time. It seems like even Democrats can see that Biden is not exactly the lifeboat they were hoping for.

With Biden’s approval ratings in the dumps and Trump looming large, vulnerable Democrats are desperately trying to shed their association with the stumbling administration. Some Democrats, like Alaska’s Mary Peltola, are cautiously breaking ranks on issues like border security and energy policy in a bid to save their political skins. It’s survival of the fittest out there, and it looks like many Democrats are sensing danger and taking evasive action.

It’s no surprise that Democrats are running for the hills when it comes to Biden. His gaffes and missteps have made him a liability not just for himself, but for the entire Democratic Party. From forgetting when he was vice president to stumbling up the steps of Air Force One, Biden’s presidency has been a comedy of errors. It’s no wonder that some Democrats are starting to distance themselves from the sinking ship before it’s too late.

While Republicans are cautiously optimistic about the Democrats’ disarray, they know there’s no room for complacency. President Biden’s historically low favorability ratings may be a boon for the GOP, but they can’t afford to let their guard down. As Han Solo would say, “Great, kid. Don’t get cocky!” The upcoming elections will be a test for both parties, and only time will tell who comes out on top.

Written by Staff Reports

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