Democrats in Crisis After Biden’s Disastrous Debate as Yang Calls for New Nominee

It appears the Democratic Party is experiencing a full-blown existential crisis in the aftermath of President Joe Biden’s abysmal debate performance against former President Donald Trump. It’s hard to believe they didn’t see this trainwreck coming. Biden looked more lost than a millennial without Wi-Fi. One can only laugh at how quickly they’ve turned on him.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has unceremoniously called for Biden to be removed from the ticket. Yang, a guy who’s supposed to be the tech-savvy future of the party, seems to have finally grasped that 2024 Biden is an entirely different beast from the 2020 version. Hard to defend a man whose speech patterns resemble a car sputtering to a halt. 


The panic behind the scenes is palpable. Democratic operatives, staffers, and donors are all shaking in their boots. These are the same folks who wouldn’t dare criticize Biden a week ago. Now, they’re in a frenzy, trading messages faster than journalists spin a scandal. Nobody feels good about Biden’s performance—and that’s putting it mildly. 


Even the liberal media is having a meltdown. CNN and MSNBC, the bastions of Democratic cheerleading, have started waving the white flag. Terms like “abysmal” and “terrible” are being tossed around like confetti at a Biden rally. Van Jones, a guy who usually wouldn’t flinch at corruption or incompetence on his side of the aisle, suggested Biden step aside before the DNC convention in August. That’s right, folks—the knives are out.

Key figures in the Democratic stronghold, like former White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield and former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, are sounding the alarms. Plouffe went as far as labeling this a “Def Con 1 moment.” If that’s not a code red signal to swap Joe out, nothing is. It’s almost too delicious watching the party scramble to repair what looks like an irreparable Biden blunder.

So, buckle up, America. This Democratic demolition derby is far from over. Get the popcorn ready as the left rallies for a last-minute candidate shuffle. Who knows, maybe they’ll even resurrect Hillary for another round. At this rate, it doesn’t matter who they put against Trump, the 2024 rematch is shaping up to be a landslide for the right.

Written by Staff Reports

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